Tax Preparation

Personal Tax Preparation

Whether you are a hard-working employee or a self-employed independent contractor, utilizing a personal tax preparation service by experienced tax professionals will help you save time & money. We have a deep understanding of current tax laws, complicated tax codes, and changing tax regulation. Our goal is to take the stress out of personal income tax filling and ensure that you can maximize your after-tax income.

We stay on top of new legislation and requirements so you can take advantage of tax saving opportunities. We address specific needs of individuals and families and create custom tax solutions that computer software programs often miss. We know that filing a simple return can be confusing and many individuals often miss deductions and credits that they are entitled to.

There is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional. Give us a call at  (704) 484-2783 to schedule your appointment.

Business Tax Preparation

Small business tax preparation is becoming more complex every day. Recent tax changes have made the filing process complicated and confusing.  There are many new items that need to be taken into consideration. We are a tax service dedicated to helping you minimize your tax liability and find the right tax deductions for your business.

We are experienced in year-end tax preparation and want to assist you with making important tax decisions for your small business and its future.

  • Take advantage of allowable deductions and credits
  • File accurately and on time
  • Avoid overpaying tax liabilities